Monday, June 9, 2014

Screen Style: Batman Beyond (1999) , a style analysis

There is no other way to say it-Ever since I decide to join the Netflix bandwagon, I've been glued to Batman Beyond. Watching it again over a decade later has allowed me to truly appreciate the awesomeness that is this show. Its edginess, story lines and of course- the character designs.

With the adventures of Batman Beyond created in the 1990’s and taking place in 2039, it’s no surprise it’s characters designs were influenced by the two time periods.We can spot these characters wearing iconic ‘90’s fads with a futuristic twist of what would have been trending 40 years later. You know-like glasses without handles, square tipped ties  OH! and splicing. (I’ll talk about that later!)

Trends like minimalist pieces, dark pouts, chokers, over-sized pieces, slip dresses, large frames, bold hair and even turtlenecks can be seen on our favorite and least favorite characters.

On our leading ladies, we can spot popular hair trends like, pixie cuts, sleek straight cuts, bangs, pigtails and big curly locks. Not to mention cool colors!

Of all the locks-Melanie’s hair took the cape (ba dum tish) for me!

Speaking of capes-it’s pretty easy to tell apart the bad guys from the good guys in this show. Aside from the good guys usually donning capes and the bad guys wearing glares, radioactive glow and their obvious genetic modifications might give it away right off the bat (ba-dum tish! ), but their outfits definitely help.

Take the street gang Jokerz for example! Donning clownish costumes, makeup to match and carrying ‘pun intended’ weapons. You can’t miss ‘em!

Paying homage to Mistah J and even Harley Quinn, we can see the goons wearing trench coats, mini pieces, jester hats, and of course…a smile!

In the ’90s, body modifications we’re familiar with like plastic surgery, tattoos and piercings picked up trending speed. Now, these trends are not obsolete in 2039! Okay, maybe tattoos. Terry once pointed out his mother’s tattoo and referred to it as a relic from her wild teen years. But procedures to change your appearance is not a thing of the past. There is splicing! (Remember I said I’ll get back it?)

Splicing is a procedure that not only changes your outer appearance, but your inner…you know by like manipulating genes to give humans animal traits.

Of course this procedure had ulterior motives, so like all fads whether from 1999 or 2039- it was cool while it lasted.

While the style and designs wasn't the show’s main focus, you can’t deny the they were pretty shway. Not to mention, everyone likes a good style recap to inspire some outfits-even Terry couldn't help himself and offer tips during the show! 0:38~


  1. I was persuaded to watch Batman Beyond (Netflix is a huge help, as well!) and while I don't like it as much as The Animated Series, it's got its own vibe because the whole 90's/2039 time period thing. The style is insane and I kind of love it! xD