Sibudu drama

A drama about Sibudu performed in Durban Botanic Gardens in July 2014

Sibudu archaeology

Interviews with archaeologists in 2011 about their finds at Sibudu

Pitching clip for Documentary series on Sibudu

The proposed documentary series will take 10 of the technologies found at Sibudu and go backwards in time from modern mechanization via craft production to Middle Stone Age

The Documentary Series synopsis

All modern humans come from people who migrated from Africa. What technology did they carry  with them? Sibudu near Durban has archaeological finds from 80000-30000 years ago: the oldest bedding in the world, oldest bone arrow-head, oldest compound glue. This film shows how human cognition serves human needs through ingenious tool-making. It starts from modern manufacture and works backwards in time through the most important technical leaps to Sibudu. To claim world heritage for this local African site, co-producers from different manufacturing countries are needed. Suggestions in brackets are from known industry or cultural interest.  

Treatment (handsome presenter to tie episodes together)

Episode 1  Sibudu Rock Shelter – where ? What has been found there and from when?

Episode 2  (Turkey ? Italy ?)  AWL and THONG– man buckling  trouser belt today back to bone awl and stone scrapers.  

Episode 3 (Germany ? China?)BLADES  Kitchen knife today. Paring, peeling, slicing , back to stone chips hafted for different functions.

Episode 4   GLUE COMPOUNDS (Taiwan?). Shopping for fit-for-purpose glue and so back to ochre-acacia compounds.  

Episode 5 ARROWS Guns back to Arrows (US? UK ? RSA?),and the San break-off poisoned arrows

 Episode 6 SNARES and TRAPS (Canada? Congo ?) Trapping and bird-snaring.

Episode 7 BEDDING  (Egypt ? UK ?) From bed-shopping and back via woven mats to sedge bedding at Sibudu.

 Episode 8  INSECTICIDES,MEDICINES POISONS (Brazil ? Switzerland?)  Shopping for bug-sprays back via herbal Pharma to Sibudu insecticidal leaves.

Episode 9 COSMETICS (France ? India ?  New Zealand?) Body painting modern and tribal. Back  via C18 face powder;   kohl eye-liner;  red ochre body paint at Sibudu

Episode 10  BUTTONS and NECKLACES ( China ? New Zealand ? Czech ?) Drilled shells as currency or adornment ?  

Episode 11  Round-up on technical leaps. Zoom out pics of Sibudu

see for details of film company