Photos of the Heritage Day Walk 2014

Our human heritage here in KZN goes much further back in time than the coming of the Indian merchants and sugar labourers, the Natal settlers, or the Zulu tribes: people lived in the Sibudu Rock Shelter, near Tongaat, 80000 years ago, before humans migrated from Africa to the rest of the world. To affirm this common human heritage, Lifelong Learning KZN received special permission from AMAFA to visit this important Middle Stone Age site on Sept 24, 2014. A walk assembling at the Tongaat Hulett compound, winding through the cane fields, then down along bushy riverside to below the cliff, and then wading across the river and climbing the rocks up to this protected site. Thanks go to the Dasa Family for their hospitality, Derek & Gill Nicholson for leading the walk, and for the photographs: Jane Ross, Chris Wahlberg, Judy Bol, Crawford Reid & Gill Nicholson