Who are Friends of Sibudu ?



A not-for-profit organization whose goal is to assist in preserving and promoting this unique archaeological site and its surrounds. 


We help to:


  • RAISE PUBLIC AWARENESS of the scientific importance of the site, its surrounds & its artefacts, to Kwa-Zulu Natal, to the Republic of South Africa & to the world at large; 
  • MONITOR the situation and taking all possible steps to enlighten, encourage and support all those whose responsibility it is to preserve the site and its surrounds from harm and degradation;
  • SUPPORT THE SIBUDU TRUST in carrying out its aims of the management of the site and its surrounds with due regard to national and world heritage laws, rules and practices;
  • HELP TO PRESERVE the Sibudu archaeological site as well as the surroundings of Sibudu – and PROMOTE ECOLOGICAL AWARENESS, as it is a site of special natural beauty;
  • EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS - we encourage and assist those projects that are related to the site and its surrounds, both for adults and young people;
  • RESPONSIBLE, ETHICAL TOURISM – we promote sound tourist activities concerning this heritage site and its surrounds.


Executive Committee of Friends of Sibudu:

Gordon Tomlinson (Chair), Noreen Ramsden (Secretary), and Jean Stephenson (Treasurer)

 Bajabulile Msomi, Charlotte Mbali, Christine Prestcott Sole, Derek Nicholson, Gill Nicholson, Nora Saneka.


CONTACT INFORMATION:       Secretary: 083 659 3445     e-mail: [email protected]