Letter of Objection

Sinembe Contracting CC,                                                                                                  Noodesberg Road
                                                                                                  Upper Tongaat 4390
To KwaZulu-Natal MEC of the Department of Economic Development ,Tourism and Environmental Affairs. Mr Michael Mabuyakhulu
Dear Sir
Objection To The EIADC 290017 10 We We Driefontein Environmental Authorisation
I live adjacent to the development on the Noodesberg Road, my home is situated adjacent to the North Western part of the development.
I object to the proposed development taking place for the following reasons, which have come to light since the EIA consultation process took place:-
In the time the EIA has been taking place I have learnt that the security immediately adjacent to a development of this nature deteriorates. The extent of the deterioration is such that Mutual and Federal will either load my premiums or decline to insure me.
The area is short of water. At present there is no municipal reticulation of water. The Tongaat River catchment has a very low flow in winter, and this is being further reduced to provide water for Zimbali, Ballito and Salt Rock, by pumping water from the Tongaat River to the Hazelmere Dam. The area has water restrictions since the latter half of 2014.
There is no sewage works within about 7 km of the development. The nearest sewage works is the Tongaat Sewage works which is already being run over capacity. Any further sewage works on the Tongaat River are going to add risk to the biological integrity of the River and the lagoon which is just South of Zimbali and the proposed Zimbali Lakes development.
The area under consideration is all agricultural land, a resource that is becoming increasingly scarce in Kwa Zulu Natal.
I trust this objection meets your considered attention.
Yours Faithfully
Donald James McCulloch
Sole Member      Sinembe Contracting CC