Present Status of the Sibudu Cave Site:

Sibudu has not yet been proclaimed as a National Heritage Site – this is in the pipeline.


The Sibudu Trust has purchased the core site, about 4 hectares, from the farmers who own the land.

While this is a step in the right direction, it does not provide space for any educational facilities, such as an interpretative centre/museum nor protection for the beautiful riverine surroundings.

We will continue with our aims as set out in our constitution, which include:

  • helping to preserve the Sibudu archaeological site as well as the environment of the surroundings of Sibudu – and promoting ecological awareness, as it is a site of special natural beauty;
  • encouraging and assisting with educational projects that are related to the site, both for adults and young people
  •  and promoting responsible, ethical tourism concerning this heritage site


Special Educational Projects by Friends of Sibudu Association


Another workshop for educators, on activities that teach Grade 5 learners about life in the Middle Ages, will be held on the 19th April.  This follows on the successful workshop for educators last year.

Participants will learn to plait grass-snares, thread shells, paint with “ochre” (kaolin), make hunter-gatherer skin bags, haft stones onto sticks to make hammers, and so on.

This project is done voluntarily by members of FoS, and we use membership fees to help defray expenses.

(NB Members please pay your fees!  Not a member? There is a membership form below and do have a look at our website for more information!)


We have asked the Durban Museum if we can collaborate on educational activities.


Each year we arrange for talks at local schools, by members of the Archaeologist team that is excavating the Sibudu Site.