Best Sand for Sandboxes?

7 Best Sand for Sandboxes – Reviews

Getting your beach home can sometimes be so tempting that not only your kids, but you as an adult would also baffle with joy with this thought!

While that may not be possible at all times, but a sandbox can be a perfect solution to all your creative kid’s desires and a perfect solution for you to enjoy with them as well.

But then the question arises, which is the best Sandbox? Which sand would be safe for my kids to play in? Which is the best sand for Sandbox?

Well, to answer your question, a sandbox becomes the best with the best quality sand. You can always make one for yourself, provided you have your hands upon the best quality sand.

How to Determine the Best Sand for Sandbox?

To determine this, it is essential to note that there are many categories available in sand.

Essentially, they are either concrete sand or building sand, used for construction, and play sand. To declare particular sand, play sand, it must undergo some purification process:


Normal sand must go through the following steps to ensure itself to be declared as play sand, which is safe for kids-

  • Removal of any particles, sharp objects, etc
  • Going through a blast process to ensure fine heads and smaller size of the granules.
  • Proper processing to ensure no harmful bacterial build up in it.
  • No harmful chemicals or colors added to it.


Play sand can be safe for use, but it is useless as a TV without a remote if it is not efficient for the play. Here are a few points which need to be kept in mind-

  • The sand particles should be small but not too fine, which later may do the job of dust and irritate your kids.
  • They must be efficient enough to bind themselves to hold shapes like sandcastles, etc. The whole point of buying them was to ply with it.
  • The boxes in which the sand come are preferably plastic as other materials such as wood, etc., make the sand prone to insects and other bacteria.

These are some critical criteria to determine the best sand for Sandbox. Let us investigate some of the best sand types for the Sandbox.

Best Sand brands for Sandbox

1. Sandtastik Sparkling White Play Sand

As the name suggests, this alluring white play sand tops the list firstly for its sparkling white sand look. The color of the sand looks exceptionally natural and can beat any beach vibe with it.

The sand type is non-toxic, and there are minimal dust particles present, making it extremely safe for your kids. The sand particles are granulated in shape hence making it a harmless play for the kids.

It is safe for kids above two years, and they can easily sculpt their creativity out without worrying about it breaking down!

This sand is by far the best sand for Sandbox, not only for all these but also because they are straightforward to clean.

2. SafeSand Co. Natural White Play Sand

This rand for play sand is well known for its name as it suggests, safe. The sand is cardiogenic dust-free, non-toxic, and bacteria-free, making this choice extremely safe for kids.

Play Sand 50 Pounds Natural – Filtered, Screened, Washed and Dried Soft Sand – Great for Sand Table, Sand Box, Play Areas, Arts and Crafts, Home Decorating – Beautiful Crème Color
  • Versatile – Can be used for sand boxes, sand tables, early childhood classrooms, child care centers, or sand castles by adding a little water to make the sand moist. Can be used with all sand toys not included. It is free of clay, dust, micaceous and organic matter.
  • Many Uses - Unfortunately, not all of us have a beach nearby, so sandboxes are great for bringing the beach home for the kids to play with instead. Great for sand box, Sand table, kids play and castles. Sand play promotes physical development. Large muscle skills develop as children dig, pour, sift, scoop, and clean up spills with brush and dustpan. Eye-hand coordination and small muscle control improve as children learn to manipulate sand accessories.
  • Premium Play Sand - You can’t just pick any sand to go into your sandbox! You need to make sure it’s clean, safe, and healthy for your little ones to play around in. - For sand to pass as play sand, it must go through a number of cleaning processes that result in it being fine and smooth to touch. Do not use this sand for sand blasting with machinery. No chunks, pebbles or additives.
  • Coverage - For sand to pass as play sand, it must go through a number of cleaning processes that result in it being fine and smooth to touch. 1 bag of 50 pound sand will fill an area 18” X 18” X 3” deep. Many sand tables or boxes will require multiple bags of sand to fill. Check with the manufacturer of your play table or sand box for the required amount of sand.
  • Versatile – Can be used for sand boxes, sand tables, early childhood classrooms, child care centers, or sand castles by adding a little water to make the sand moist. Can be used with all sand toys not included. It is free of clay, dust, micaceous and organic matter.

Also, this is naturally white, and no other bleach or dye is added, making it extremely safe for kids. The sand particles are lovely, which ensures no harmful particles which may bruise the kids.

However, sometimes they may be too fine hence difficult to hold shape. This may also cause them to give a dusty texture, which may easily blow off in the wind.

3. Quikrete Premium Play Sand

If you are a fan of massive quantity without compromising your quality, this sand brand should be your perfect pick! Quikrete quality sand has been perfectly processed and screened to ensure premium quality and is safe for your children.

Quikrete Play Sand 50 lb
  • Ideal for moulding and building
  • Washed, screened and dried
  • Great for making concrete or for filling the kids sandbox
  • Suitable for a wide range of landscape applications

An enormous bag measuring 50pounds is what your kids receive from here. Let your kids’ imagination dig deep, and creativity sculpt a bit more with this sand.

However, sometimes the sand color or texture has not been consistent are few of such feedbacks received. But if consistency is not your concern, give this a shot!

4. Activa Décor Sand

If you are looking for something with a vibrant color option that can be of dual-use to, i.e., both for play purpose and décor purpose, look no more!

Activa décor sand is perfect for all your kid’s play and, at the same time, can cater and allure your beautiful décor needs.

Activa Decor, 5-Pound, White Sand
  • Fun, fascinating and easy to work with, ACTIVA Scenic Sand is the industry leading and best-selling colored sand available
  • Available in a rainbow of beautiful, rich, robust colors, this vivid sand is color-fast, fade-proof and waterproof
  • Great for sand painting, sand art, mosaics, crafts, school projects, floral, home décor, candles; add a decorative splash of color to any project
  • Helps kids discover, explore and develop creativity, imagination and artistic expression
  • Fully safe and non-toxic; no free silica or quartz, it's 100% natural and environmentally friendly; ACMI Certified, AP approved and meets CA Prop 65

The best part about this brand is the sand is available in various colors, which are non-toxic. So, go ahead and order your kids’ favorite color right now!

However, this sand may not be able to the junior sculpture your kid is as the sand does not hold shape even when wet.

Also, this may leave some color residue on the hands. So, if these are not your concerns, they go ahead with this!

5. Crayola Coloured Play Sand

This brand is one of the most trusted brands while producing these kinds of kids’ play stuff. The sand is well processed in a non-toxic manner and is tested clean for allergens, bacteria, and other quality concerns.

The sand can be used for kids’ play and is equally safe to use in fish tanks and other décor area concerns. Are you wondering about your junior sculptor? Wonder no more.

CuteyCo Crafty Sand Pack - 10 Colors: 11 lbs of Vibrant Craft Sand & Play Sand
  • 10 VIBRANT SAND COLORS in 18 oz packs with added sparkle. The largest color variety makes our Crafty Sand kit perfect for play sand, craft sand, sand art and terrarium sand. Great colors both adults and kids love.
  • RESEALABLE BAGS. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with competitor's one-time-use bags with Crafty Sand’s resealable plastic bags. Our bags allow you to easily store colored sand for future projects. No problem!
  • NON-TOXIC, NON-CLUMPING, UV-STABLE colored sand is safe for use as play sand, craft sand, terrarium sand, or for sand art projects. CuteyCo’s colored sand is made in the USA and is UV-stable so your sand art and crafts won’t fade in light. Non-clumping sand flows easy for use as play sand and colored sand crafts.
  • COLORFUL SAFE FUN. Play sand stimulates children's imagination and enhances their tactile ability. Use Crafty Sand’s colored sand for sand art or endless crafts. No polymers or unnatural materials. Our sand is kid friendly and our sand base is all natural and organic for the safety conscious mom.
  • WILL NOT BLEED IN WATER. Many colored sands cause a mess when mixed with water. CuteyCo Crafty Sand is the perfect colored sand for crafts, kids’ play sand, floral designs, succulent terrariums, vase filler, or craft sand projects.

The grains are finely processed to ensure the fine grainy texture, which is safe to use but at the same time can hold on to shapes, which will allow your kids to unleash their creativity and sculpting dreams.

Well, the best part remains the fact that the sand used out here is exceptionally environmentally friendly.

6. Be Good Co. Natural Sand

If you are looking for something that is of utmost quality best and do not mind going a bit over the board with the budget, this one is the perfect fit for you!

The quality of the sand is exceptionally natural, just at its best version. They are easy to maintain and can last up to 36months! Be it your toddler or older children, and all age groups can enjoy this one.

Be Good Company Natural Sand (Refill Pack)
  • Refill Pack of ultra fine natural color sand
  • Great refill for My Little Sandbox and Sandbox Critters Play Sets
  • 1.5 lbs. of ultra fine sand included
  • Package dimensions: 6.0" L x 5.0" W x 1.0" H

If your child has some favorite color of their own, this one is pretty sure to be available on that one too! Unless you are concerned about the smaller quantity you receive, this should be the perfect pick for you.

7. CoolSand Deluxe Bucket

Well, the most attractive and wholesome one was reserved for the last! If you want to avoid all the hassle of finding the best sand for Sandbox, go through the whole process of selecting and making one, then this sandbox set is the ultimate gift for both you and your baby!

This carries premium quality sand and the other play tools required while playing with sand; all are included in this.

CoolSand Deluxe Bucket - Beach Edition - Set Includes: 2 Pound Moldable Indoor Play Sand, Shaping Molds, Inflatable Sandbox & Storage Bucket
  • CoolSand is moldable meaning it sticks only to itself and not to you or your clothes. For those who can’t get enough CoolSand; we’re offering refill buckets for even more creative fun. Stretch it, mold it and watch it flow through your fingers. Our Sand never dries out for hours of creative play. Package includes 2 lbs. of CoolSand and an inflatable sand box, and 23 molds for endless play and learning possibilities!
  • Inflatable Sandbox (24" x 18" x 2.5") and 23 molds included for even more fun building possibilities; perfect for indoor play and easy cleanup! Conveniently store everything in the included bucket with carrying handle.
  • Bring Home the Beach without the Mess: You have to touch it to believe it, CoolSand feels like wet beach sand but won’t stick to anything but itself. Plus it holds its shape. That means no sand on your hands, in your hair or in your bag. It leaves your hands completely dry and never greasy.
  • Get creative with CoolSand! With our included sandbox (packaging or inflatable) the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. CoolSand stimulates creativity in children and adults alike. It can be packed into molds or shaped alone. You’ll want to bring some to work and play with it on your desk. Surprisingly stress relieving; you have to feel it to understand why everyone loves CoolSand.
  • CoolSand is for ages 3 and up because the plastic mold pieces pose a choking hazard. CoolSand is 100% non-toxic.

The sand particles stick to each other well without sticking on hands, ensuring that the firm grip of the play models created by your child. Overall, this Sandbox is a perfect pick to meet all your requirements for that perfect Sandbox!

How to Maintain a Healthy Sandbox?

No matter how much you search for the best sand for Sandbox, this is never going to last long unless you maintain some essential hygiene tips to ensure safe and long-lasting play sand in your Sandbox. Here are a few tips for the same:

Clean them Regularly

I cannot emphasize enough upon this point is how important it is to clean the sand regularly. Depending upon how often your kids play, it’s essential to keep them clean. At least once a week is preferable.

Keep it dry

Damp or wet sand or Sandbox can become the next home for any bacterial inbuild or insect to make it home. It not only affects the quality but also makes it extremely harmful. Hence, make sure to dry out your sand before putting it into the box if it got wet.

Keep it Covered

You may regularly clean the Sandbox and keep the sand dry, but all efforts go vain if you leave it uncovered.

Dirt, dust, and other particles may get accumulated, the sand may get moist due to weather conditions, and not to forget, it can be prone to any insect or bacteria or any toxicity now, more than ever. So, keep the sand-covered all times when not in use.

Could you keep it Away from Pets?

Pets can not only ruin the quality of the sand due to the various dirt and bacteria they carry themselves, but it can also be harmful to them as they are prone to lick or eat things. This can be highly toxic to consume, so it’s better to keep the sand unattended in front of the pets.

Change the Sand Periodically

No matter how good quality sand you buy, it is advised to change the sand entirely after one or two seasons to ensure its non-toxic traits intact along with the rampant premium quality, which gets assured.

Sand not changed can also be more prone to dirt, insects, and bacteria than new sand. So, make sure to change it occasionally.

These were some tips regarding how to maintain the best sand for Sandbox for a longer duration.

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