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Builder Direct Reviews – 2021

In today’s world, people are positively obsessed with lavish home flooring and building accessories like, wooden flooring, tile flooring, vinyl flooring, decking’s, wall tile mosaics, and many more. As per increasing the demand for these items, the number of shopping websites and manufacturing factories get increased too.

There are so many online sites and manufacturing factories that sell flooring and building accessories. Still, here we are going to talk about Builder Direct, their work, product quality, and what features their item brings.

Builder Direct is a great building material and accessories manufacturing factory where you can buy wooden and tile flooring, and some other building accessories. Builder Direct is one of the finest working factories in its class.

They have produced a lot of variety in building accessories, and they make them by both cement and woods. One of the best building accessories of them is flooring sheets; those can be made by wood and cement, but both are super strong and durable because of manufacturing by Build Direct.

In this article, we are going to tell you about Builder Directs work and the quality of its products, but before going further, we need to know what is Build Direct and how this established?

All About Build Direct

Builder Direct Reviews

Build Direct is a British Columbia, Canada-based building materials and accessories producing company that is founded by Jeff Booth and his friend Rob Banks in 1999. In 2002, they created to expand their business and supply their services across many nations. Their company got so much success and overgrew, get doubled in size from 2002 to 2004.

Because of the financial crisis of 2008, the company went out of business, but it survived by changing their business models and supply range. In 2010, they built a vast supply chain and took over the market in any nation. When we talk about the best flooring or other building accessories that long last in even the rough situations then, Build Direct is one of the best companies that produce those items.

Here we are going to enlist down some essential and most sold items of Build Direct Company, whom they export across many nations.

Most Sold Items of Build Direct

Wooden Flooring

Build Direct is one of the best companies that produce wooden flooring boards. They used high-quality raw wood for making those flooring boards, and they apply some paint and plastic coats to make them water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and durable too.

Tile Flooring

Build Direct has produced a wide range of designs in tile flooring. To make their tile flooring sheets, they use the best quality cement and other materials. The flooring accessory is the only most sold product of Build Direct.


When we make the floor or rooftop by installing wooden boards then, it is known as decking, and when we talk about the best decking boards, then, first and foremost, we will enlist Build Direct’s decking sheets.

Build Direct is one of the best companies that produces decking boards. They use superior quality wood to transform them into decking sheets. After the transformation, they used to apply a plastic paint coat and some other method to make them durable and water-resistant.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a synthetic material that makes your floor luxurious and durable too. The vinyl flooring is an affordable and durable form of flooring, it is much like a mat sheet, but here it is used as a flooring material. The installation process of vinyl flooring is straightforward, you can easily install it by applying hard glue.

Build Direct is the best company in terms of vinyl flooring manufacturers. They make their vinyl flooring sheets with high-quality material to make it strong and thick by some chemical processes, and they turn the soft raw sheets into stiff, water, and scratch-resistant vinyl sheets.

Wall Tile Mosaic

In the world of tiles, the smallest in size is known as mosaic tiles. A mosaic is used to install in a pattern by combining them, and mosaic tiles are only used to install at the walls. Build Direct make their tiles by carving of intense and long-lasting rocks so it can stand hardly even on the highly humid areas.

Other Accessories

Build Direct is the only company that produces a wide range of building materials, accessories with their installation materials. Usually, Build Direct is known for manufacturing flooring materials. Their flooring materials are affordable and durable too.

Their flooring materials bring a majestic look with durability. Build direct also produces fine quality thick and sticky hard glue so you can install flooring and fix them hardly by applying Build Direct’s glue.

Buyer’s Guide for Build Direct Products

Builder Direct

There are following some essential points to consider before buying any flooring material from Build Direct.

Building Material

If you are going to buy any flooring material from Build Direct then, you should look at its building material. Usually, Build Direct makes its flooring materials by excellent quality components, but you must check its building material and durability.

Lamination or Finishing Material

When you are going to buy flooring material or any other building accessories then, you must check its finishing material or lamination.

  • In the case of wooden building materials, you should look at its lamination. If you are going to have wooden flooring or accessories, then it must be laminated from all faces, so it will eliminate water or humidity and will stand for so long.
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for tile flooring then, you should examine its finishing touch. Every piece of tile must have a smooth and slippery texture that comes by cement paint or any other finishing touch. When we talk about tile flooring then, its look and texture are the most valuable factor to look out and finishing touch, which must be scratch-resistant and lustrous.


When we talk about purchasing any flooring material then, their installation is one of the most important things to keep in mind and check out during purchase. Most of the flooring materials were installed by applying glue on the lower surface and edges, and after that, you have to fix all pieces by the nail-down method of locking. But while purchasing any flooring and building material, you must go for that, whose installation process is easy and a bit effortless.


Before going to purchase any flooring or building materials from Build Direct, you must take all the measurements of your floor or that place where you are going to install it. If you do not do that before ordering or purchasing, then it will create several problems and generate troubles for you to install it.


Most of the flooring material is used to install by their edges locking system, but you must go for that which also takes adhesive with its locking edges. If you get your flooring according to my point then, it will stand for so long with durability.

Asking for Tips

If you are going to buy any flooring material and building accessories like, wooden flooring, tile flooring, decking’s, or vinyl sheets. The most important thing you should do is to ask for safety and installation tips. After installing it successfully, you must take care of it and maintain its beauty, and maintain its beauty, and you should clean it with the proper passage of time.

What Build Direct Offers?

If we talk the best in quality, building materials, and flooring the, Build Direct is the first name in mind. Here we have mentioned the Build Direct and some essential points to consider for buying their items, and now, we are going to tell you about their work and quality with some care instructions.


Build Direct is one of the finest working company that produces long-lasting and robust items. They use superior quality components to make their products. If you are planning to buy flooring material or any other building accessories then, I highly recommend you take a look at Build Direct’s product. Altogether, I have studied a lot about building materials and flooring accessories; I only found Build Direct reliable and durable with affordable range.


The look of building and flooring accessories is the most important thing after the strength because the only thing that matters in today’s world is a majestic look with durability. Build Direct is the best company in terms of lavish look with the attachment of durability.

Care Instructions

After the installation, the only thing left is to take care of your item and maintain its beauty. To take care of your item, you must read all the instructions and manuals properly. It would help if you kept it safe from the fire because an open fire or high temperature can damage its skin.

Altogether I have listed the basic care instruction to know all about that. You should read care institutions and talk to your dealer about it.

To buy any material or product from Build Direct, you can visit their Website.



Here we have described all about Builder Direct, the best from my erudition, and if you find this article helpful then, please share your comments.

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