HELP! Clear Glass Shower Doors w/ Hard Water Stains

How to Get Rid of Hard Water Stains on Glass Surfaces

Why are hard water stains so hard to remove? Well, trust me, they are not so severe. Just use the right method, and the next moment, they are gone. Let us first understand what hard water is and how do you recognize whether your water is the hard one or not.

Hard water can be termed as water with the presence of calcium and magnesium ions. Trust me! There are both pros and cons to it. Arguably so, hard water tastes better than its counterpart, but it also leaves behind the problem for which you are searching a solution.

So, these hard water stains are nothing but calcium or magnesium mineral stains. Well, then, do not worry! There are many methods by which you can eliminate hard water stains.

Each time you take a shower and allow the water to dry on the glass, those spots and stains are the minerals left behind. Well now, without further ado, let us understand the removal of these annoying hard water stains.

First, ensure whether they are hard water stains or soap residues. Why? Because it is easy to get confused between hard water stains and soap residues because of their appearance. What is the simplest way to tell the difference? Just apply regular detergent! Yes, you heard it right! If it comes off, it is undoubtedly soap residue. If it does not, then you have a hard water stain.

Hard water does not lather well with soap as calcium and magnesium ions form complexes with the fatty acids of the soaps and form soap residues. So, technically these soap residues are a combination of a hard water stain along with soaps and body oils mixed.

Make sure you read all the methods before you choose one. Choose wisely according to the availability of the listed items for the given procedures.

Cleaning Glass Door Using Liquid Cleaners

Usage of Acidic Cleaner

Hard water stains are mostly alkaline, so acidic cleaners can easily dissolve them. Squirt the cleaner directly onto the glass door or put onto the sponge and then apply it. The next step is to scrub it with a non-abrasive scrubber or sponge.


  • Removes the stains entirely without much effort.


  • They are maybe toxic.
  • May damage the glass.

Note: – Before using the cleaners, make sure you read the instructions mentioned on the product label. Use proper safety gear before using it.

Lime Way Bathroom cleaner

Lime-A-Way Bathroom Cleaner, 32 fl oz Bottle, Removes Lime Calcium Rust
  • Lime-A-Way cleaner with Turbo Power destroys Lime, Calcium & Rust.
  • Removes the toughest limescale in seconds without scrubbing!
  • Removes lime, calcium and rust stains caused by the natural minerals in your water.
  • Cleans the toughest hard water build-up so that surfaces stay cleaner for longer.
  • Good for use on: Sinks & Fixtures, Tub & Tile, and Shower & Glass.

Driven Extreme Glass Cleaner (Contains abrasives)

Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner, 16 oz Bottle
  • Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner was designed to remove the very toughest, etched in, hard water build up and stains from any glass surface
  • By combining an acid gel, with our Extreme Cutting Abrasives and a full spectrum of industrial strength cleaners, Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner has the power to clean the most severely weathered glass surface
  • Safely Removes:Severe Hard Water Spots, Calcium and Mineral Buildup, Heavy Lime Scale, Salt Spray Deposit, Rust Deposit, Alkali, Mold & Mildew, Paint Over-spray

Usage of any Other Cleaners:

Not only acidic but other cleaners also effectively remove the stains. The procedure is like acidic cleaners.


  • Does not damage the glass at all.


  • Maybe expensive.

Note: – Before using the cleaners, make sure you read the instructions mentioned on the product label.

Rejuvenate Cleaner

Rejuvenate Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover Shower Glass Door Cleaner Works on Ceramic Tile, Chrome, Plastic and More 24oz
  • Rejuvenate Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover Non-abrasive Cleaning Formula - Spray and Rinse for Streak Free Finish on Glass, Ceramic Tile, Chrome, Plastic and More
  • Effective to use on glass, ceramic tile, fiberglass, natural stone, plastic, chrome and porcelain
  • Easy to use, just spray and rinse, for a streak finish
  • The no scrub soap scum remover is the winner of multiple cleaning product awards
  • Winner of multiple cleaning product awards | Proudly Made in America

Scum Off Cleaner

Scum Off Shower Cleaner for Hard Water, 16 fl.oz, Cleans Fiberglass, Tile, Grout, Stone, Porcelain, Acrylic, Hard Water Spots, Calcium & Mineral Deposits, Soap Film, Mold & Mildew, No Harsh Chemicals
  • Non-Toxic Environmentally Safe All-Purpose Cleaner Has The Power To Make Your Toughest Cleaning Jobs A Breeze
  • Specially Designed To Clean Hard Water Stains, Calcium Deposits And Soap Film Without Scrubbing
  • Eliminates the need for other household cleaners
  • Works Great On Any Shower Surface Like Fiberglass, Marble, Granite, Tile And Glass Doors - Even Ceramic Stovetops
  • Concentrated Formula Has 100 Times The Cleaning Power Compared To Bathroom Cleaners Bought In The Store

Mix Salt and Water

It is a household remedy. The salt acts as a scouring powder and efficiently removes the stain. Apply the salt mixture and use a clean cloth to rub the stain in a preferably circular motion.


  • Cost-effective and secure method.


  • Mayor may not remove the stains effectively.

Note: – Rinse the glass thoroughly when finished to remove the saltwater residue.

Use White Vinegar

It is the most popular household remedy for removing hard water stains. One can also mix lemon juice with vinegar to create a more effective solution. Mix them in a bottle, shake, and spray onto the glass.


  • Easy to use and implement.


  • May damage the non-porous glass surface.
  • Gives off a strong odor.

Note: – After spraying the vinegar solution on the glass, let it stand for about 2-3 minutes before wiping it clean. For a stubborn stain, heat the vinegar solution.

Usage of Non-Liquid Cleaners

Use Barkeepers Friend or any other related product

This is by far the most tedious and complicated process. This process can be termed as elbow grease. So, brace yourselves! Firstly, prepare a paste by adding Barkeepers Friend powder to a bowl and add enough water. Then, use a hand or any soft brush to rub the paste over a section of the glass. Now, use a 0000 Super Fine Steel Wool pad and start scrubbing in a circular motion. Finally, RINSE with water.

This is one of the most recommended methods. However, the products used sometimes maybe too abrasive or too acidic. The naked eye cannot view some damages done by this method. Also, further damage will occur even faster as there will be many micro-scratches, and the surface becomes porous.


  • For better results, soak a sheet in white vinegar and drape it over the glass before applying Barkeepers Friend paste.
  • Use a glass cleaner to clean the other side of the glass.
  • Preferably only use 0000 Super Fine Steel Wool as it produces the best results. Other types of Super Fine Steel Wool may cause abrasion.
  • Barkeepers Friend is NOT suitable for glass.

Barkeepers Friend powder

Cheap scrubber

Drill Power Heavy Duty Stiff Bristle Scrub Brush Cleaning Kit – Concrete and Siding Cleaner Drill Brushes – Hard Water Stain Remover Brush for Drill by Drill Brush Power Scrubber by Useful Products
  • 3 piece power scrub brush kit. DRILL NOT INCLUDED
  • Brushes are made with stiff bristle fiber and our securely attached to the block.
  • All three brushes have quarter inch steel QUICK CHANGE shafts
  • Works great on concrete, brick, fireplace, stone, sidewalks and driveways
  • All Drillbrush Products have a 90 day no questions asked Money back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our product we will issue a full refund or ship out a replacement at the buyer's request. Cordless Drill NOT included.
Drill Brush Heavy Duty - Clean Tile & Grout 5X Faster - Spin Away Rust, Soap Scum, Mineral Deposit, Hard Water Stain - 5" Diameter Stiff Red Nylon Bristle with Metal Shaft Attachment
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  • ✔ WHAT TO EXPECT : 5 inch diameter drill brush with red stiff nylon bristle with hexagon drill bit is molded into the brush, packaged in paper box with So Clean So Fast brand. DRILL NOT INCLUDED. Recommend to use with a lightweight cordless drill which has keyless chuck size 3/8-inch or larger.

Steel wool (Superexcellent grade #0000)

Use Baking Soda

Baking Soda (1 Gallon) Aluminum Free, Food & USP Grade, Cooking, Baking, Cleaning & More
  • PURE Sodium Bicarbonate is food grade; great for cooking, baking, and cleaning
  • Freshens air in refrigerators, microwaves, and pantries
  • Can help with indigestion and heartburn*
  • Aluminum-Free; Use to make DIY bath bombs or use to whiten laundry
  • 100% Pure: Never any additives or fillers


Cut a lemon in half and dip its cut side in baking soda, then rub it on the stains. The acid in the lemon reacts with the baking soda, making lathery foam.


  • Presence of fresh and pleasant lemon scent. (Subjective)


  • May damage the glass.

Note: – You may add lemon oil, which helps to repel water such that soap doesn’t dry on the glass.


Mix vinegar and baking soda. Apply the paste on glass and let sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing.

Calyptus 45% Pure Super Concentrated Vinegar | Dilutes to 9 Gallons | 9x Power Cleaning Vinegar | Plant Based | Home and Outdoor | All-Purpose Cleaner, 1 Gallon
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Baking soda

Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda, 5 lb
  • America's #1 trusted Baking Soda brand
  • FOR MORE THAN 100 YEARS: A versatile, effective and affordable solution that has been trusted for over 170 years
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  • BEYOND CLEANING: Resealable, water-resistant bag can be used for hair and skin treatments, crafts for kids and even pedicures

Use Toothpaste

In case you run out of supplies for baking soda and are not interested in buying them, then use toothpaste as an alternative. Apply toothpaste to a scrubber or anything that suits you and rub it over the stain using circular motions. Wait a few minutes and then rinse off the paste with vinegar solution to remove all residue.


  • Cost-effective, and easy to use.


  • May does not work very efficiently.

Use Commercial Paste Cleaners

Well, it is the last of the lot. The feasibility and effectiveness of paste cleaners may vary from one another, but most of them are very useful to get rid of stains. Just apply the paste, leave it idle for a few moments, and then rinse it. That is it!


  • They do not leave back any marks.


  • They leave behind a foggy haze.

Note: Before using the paste cleaners, make sure you read the instructions mentioned on the product label.

Brite & Clean Ultimate Hard Water Stain Remover, 6 Ounce (Pack of 1) (A-SCS-1)
  • Remove toughest hard water stains
  • Biodegradable formula produces no smelly or harmful fumes
  • Trusted by professionals and homeowners for daily and regular cleaning of shower doors, windows, stainless steel, chrome, porcelain and granite surfaces without worries
  • Works better than the leading products because it is not diluted and is a powerful concentrated hard water stain remover for the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Frustration free cleaning. Guaranteed to work or your Money BACK!
AMAZ 11107 Water Stain Remover 14 ounces ( Packaging may vary)
  • Removes the Toughest Stains
  • Contains No Acids, Bleach, or Chlorides
Bioclean Hard Water Stain Remover 20.3 oz
  • PROFESSIONAL HARD WATER STAIN REMOVER: Get the powerful industrial and commercial strength that takes stains, spots, and rust out! Remove years of unwanted hard minerals

Preventing Future Hard Water Stains

Regularly clean glass surfaces

Daily or maybe even weekly, but try to clean glass surfaces regularly so that the stains do not come back again.

Do not let the stains be there for long. Act as quickly as you can.

Stop stains before they start

To stop stains means to end the problem at the source itself. For this, try to correct calcium and magnesium mineral levels in your water. One can either remove the minerals in the water by attaching a filter to your water system or add water softeners to make hard water softer.

Protect from future stains

For this, the contact between the glass surface and hard water must be cut off. Consider applying a wax-based protective coat as water runs off the wax-treated glass or use a commercial sealant.

Bio-Clean Professional Sealant

Bio-Clean Products Superior Cleaner Silicone Sealant, Green, 16 Fl Oz
  • Comes in a 16 oz. bottle and can be stored in a tool box or glove compartment
  • Effectively seals almost any surface in order to obliterate pesky hard water stains
  • Formulated with only non-chemical and non-acidic based cleaning ingredients
  • Ensures your recently cleaned surfaces remain free of hard water stains for as long as 2 years
  • Works cleaning wonders on glass, auto windshields, paint, tile, porcelain, metal and so much more

Things to Remember before Removing Water Stains

  1. To begin with, wet the entire surface with warm or hot water. This lubricates the surface, and the added heat will help the cleaner work better.
  2. For a natural cleaning process, plan to wipe down the shower right after the last person has finished up their shower for the day.
  3. NEVER use abrasive scrubbing pads.
  4. Scrub the stain in all directions.
  5. Never let the cleaning solutions dry on the glass.
  6. Be careful when cleaning glass surfaces that meet other materials like metal or stone.

IMPORTANT TIP: Choose a small area to do a spot test.

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