Happy Tails – Names Unknown

So many sweet little souls come through our care every month, and it is difficult to keep track of them all! The dogs and puppies shown below are just a few of those who have came into our care, and  have since continued on their journey and/or were in SADN’s care prior to the inception of the Happy Tails section of this website.

If you have ever hesitated to donate towards any rescue because you’re unsure exactly where your money is going, THIS IS IT. These names are only a fraction of the dogs and puppies who have come into our care since our organization was first established in 2013, and we look forward to many, many more happy tails in the years to come. To learn how you can help be a part of the rescue, medical care and re-homing of these beautiful little souls, please click here. We hope you enjoy this gallery as much as we do!


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