Reviews on Ikea Appliances?

Ikea Appliances Reviews – Everything You Need to Know

Ikea is not a great player in the industry of appliances, as many giants incorporate Lowe’s, then Best Buy, Sears, and Depot. You will get to know brand-level ratings for the appliances provided by Ikea as it provides just a narrow line of products.

In recent years, the performance offered by Ikea Appliances has changed. Some of these performed well, whereas some did not. You will get to know various Ikea appliances reviews in this article. All of them are not that great. However, the 2 best buys provide stunning performance and that too at significantly less cost. And you can consider the rest also as these are of good worth.

There have been various surveys and tests conducted on the Ikea appliances reviews to provide you an accurate picture of these. Here, you will get to know which appliances you need to avoid and which you need to consider.

Ikea deals in a relatively fine line of refrigerators, cooktops, wall ovens, dishwashers, and ranges. These provide an essential elegance and do not have exterior badging. However, these are most like appliances offered by Amana, Maytag, and Whirlpool. Not only this, but most of them come with a five-year warranty, which is generally four years more than the industry standard also.

So, are these great or not? Ikea appliances reviews will clear all your doubts. These are tested with hands-on experience. You will also get to know how you can get the most value when purchasing any of the Ikea products. Follow the below-mentioned guide to know what exactly these products are. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the reviews of whole home appliances by Ikea.

IKEA Gas and Electric Ranges


With convection and without convection and along with double ovens, Ikea deals in electric ranges and freestanding gas. Ikea has provided the same things with nearly the same name in an unexplained way. Hence, you need to ensure that you are searching for the correct item.

For example, five freestanding ranges are there having a name Betrodd. However, Praktfull, a single gas range, has more things than usual with a non-convection Betrodd electric model than various high-cost gas models of Betrodd. Slide-in models come in 2 Nutid ranges, and single, entry-level Lagan is also there. Some of these are of great value than others apart from the fact which one you pick.

Ikea Cooktops

Ikea also offers cooktops in the event you need them. All of these are like models offered by Whirlpool. However, these do not have a Whirlpool badge, and from time to time, Ikea cooktops come with more cool controls. You will find various top bargains in the kitchen here only.

Ikea Wall Ovens

Having huge interiors, Ikea offers a small list of Nutid wall ovens. These all are 30 inches wide, 25 3/8 inches deep, possess 5.0 cu.-ft. The interiors are stainless steel and electric. This is so as these are styled to accommodate in its line of cabinetry of Ikea. You will get extra features as you go up in this list; however, convection gets dropped by the Double Oven.

Ikea Refrigerators

Ikea sells nine refrigerators. These include one single-door bottom freezer, 4 French-door models, two side-by-sides, and 2 top freezers. Still, 2/3rds of these have the name Nutid. These are somewhat distinct in sizes and focus on different setups of the kitchen.

Ikea Dishwashers

Well, Ikea sells only five dishwashers; however, it seems that it sells nine different ones. One panel-ready model comes with an extensive range of exterior options that will combine the Ikea cabinetry and four traditional models that have stainless or white fronts.

Ikea Microwaves

Microwaves by IKEA are completely over-the-range models that provide incremental enhancements and double-like kitchen ventilation as these are rarely different and built-in Nutid 602.889.19 that costs around MSRP $699. 

One of the less costly over-the-range microwaves available on the market includes the Lagan 002.889.16, which costs around MSRP $149. It is only white. You will get a great deal when you move to the Betrodd 202.889.15 that costs around MSRP $249. It comes with a 5-year warranty and is stainless. More features in Nutid 602.889.18 cost around MSRP $349. However, it does not have convection.

Well, it doesn’t even matter what you are getting in the event you aren’t jumping directly for extraordinary features as most of the cheap microwaves from the majority of the brands are manufactured in China with the identical list of suppliers that make use of the similar technology. So, this is the reason behind the Lagan and Betrodd as bargains; still, in the event, you do not get the remaining of your kitchen from Ikea. 

Great Purchases

Ikea Store

Ikea Mattresses (Of course)

It is being said by a prominent expert Peter Zaluzny that Ikea provides a powerful mattress range that has more benefits in contrast to other brands. Before directly jumping to enjoy the free trial period, it is simple to try every mattress available in the store as the free trial period of a year by Ikea is thrice more than the Sleeping Ducks or Koalas. In addition to this, the mattress warranty by Ikea lasts 25 years. Isn’t it great?

Moreover, Ikea does not offer an extensive range of models in mattresses to select from. There are six different models of mattresses by Ikea that range in cost from $349 to $699, in which 4 got thumbs up from various industry experts.

However, you need to be cautious as one of the mattresses offered by Ikea is just OK, and the other one is in the list of worst mattresses having problems that include wrong firmness, a nasty sweat repellant score, and sagging over time. You need to be aware of the fact that Ikea doesn’t offer free pick up or delivery in the event you want to exchange as you are just entitled to just a single exchange when your mattress is in the trial period.

Ikea Cot Mattresses

Cot mattresses are tested for safety purposes, which incorporate the correctness of dimensions along with firmness. There are four mattresses by Ikea that are rated from extremely good to brilliant. 

Ikea Antilop Highchair

Well, when compared with other distinctive items, the anti-lob highchair by Ikea does not score well in the tests. It is undoubtedly challenging to refuse that it is a bargain purchase that performs the work. It is less in weight, simple to clean, and less expensive. However, there are some disadvantages reported by the testers that include –

  • It does not come with a footrest
  • The tray is tough to remove
  • The harness does not possess shoulder straps (also it is not fixed permanently, so in the event, you lose it, this could lead to a safety problem)

Overall, this highchair by Ikea is basic, simple, and function covered in just a single reasonable item of baby item. People buy this highchair to work for a holiday house, or as a ‘back-up’ at granny’s, have instantly eliminated their costly, finicky chair for this one by Ikea.

Kitchen Kit – Cooktops and Wall Ovens

Well, the wall ovens by Ikea are generally not recommended by the experts. However, these performed great in the tests because of their less range in price.

When it comes to the cooktops range of ceramic, induction, and gas, Ikea provides quality choices likewise. After getting more than 80% in tests in general, two models by Ikea are in the list of recommendations given by experts. In addition to this, the experts feel admired because of the modest prices for the performance of cooktops. Without any doubt, various models do their job well than the others.

Products to be Wary Of

Ikea Cots

It is necessary to have a look at the reviews in the event you want to buy an Ikea cot. This is so because their range differs mainly in simplicity, safety, ease of use, and quality.

Six cots are tested having mixed results – so 2 of them are recommended by experts. Others have some assembly problems and small failures.

In the event you are afraid of a flatpack, there is one model that you should not consider. Testers claim that the Ikea Stuva cot that costs around $409 has a minor fail for safety and is difficult to assemble. 

Ikea Dishwasher

Ikea Lagan dishwasher is the appliance that scores okay-ok. As mentioned by one of the experts, it offers limited functions with a delayed start, no child lock controls or programs, and provides middle-of-the-road job. However, it is not at all costly and performs the work. But you need to note that it is costlier to operate and somewhat noisy.

Worst purchases

Ikea Nedkyld Fridge

This fridge offered by Ikea is nasty. It makes use of more electricity than that it reports on its rating label of energy star. This is so as it did not pass the energy test.

As per the testers, it comes in the list of worst-performing fridges. Based on the external conditions, the experts discovered that the temperature of the freezer varied by 10o C, which implies that your food will get ruined after some time.

A fridge needs to work for 10 – 15 years so that you would be paying the unnecessary cost for this misguided buy into the next ten years and more, as per the words mentioned by an expert.

Final Words

Hopefully, your confusion got eliminated for products offered by Ikea. This article was made with the assistance of tests performed by various experts and Ikea appliances reviews by customers. Consider what is right and what is terrible, and then make your purchase.

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