Is Shower guard worth it?

Is Shower Guard Worth It? Let’s Find Out

If you have glass doors in your bathrooms and living room, you are familiar with the problems of corrosion and fading of glassware. You have also been wondering about how to get rid of such corrosion. The glass looked like crystal when you bought them, and you have purchased a top-quality glass, but you still could not stop them from fading away, losing their crystal clean appearance.

You could not have done anything wrong. It is not in your hands. Even if you took some time and cleaned your glasses regularly, it does not stop them from fading away and becoming dull in appearance. You might have thought to get something that prevents corrosion. Maybe some liquid coating on it that shields away all the pollution? If you have, you were right, so!

Shower Guard

Because a Shower guard can prevent your glasses from fading away in foam. There are many things that can pollute glassware in bathrooms and not only foam. Of course, foam is one of the primary culprits, but that is not all. Hard water can do equal damage to the shining of glasses.

If you have a geyser or heater in your bathroom, then your main culprit becomes heat! No matter how gradual it is, heat and humidity can wipe the shine out of the glasses. Within days and months, your glasses start dullening even if you cleaned them regularly. It is time that you have your glassware coated with a Shower guard. But is it worth it?

You should be concerned about the worthiness of anything you purchase, so it is okay if you doubt Shower guard too. A shower guard makes your glasses spark and remain immune from all kinds of corrosion. But it comes with a price, and that sure is costly. Coatings that save you maintenance have been around for a long time. They have made so many promises.

But is Shower guard just one of the many? Or is it unique? Does it stand out and give you what it promises? Worry no more. With this review, these questions, and many others you might have about Shower guard are mostly cleared. One thing for sure, unlike other temporary coatings that you must apply to your glass occasionally, a Shower guard is a permanent coating. The cost is around 300-450$ but let me tell you how it saves you things that are more valuable than that.

Capabilities of Shower guard

Shower Guard Glass

It prevents the glass shower doors from any soap build-up. Even hard water finds it hard to erode the shine away. It acts as a barrier between the glass and the minerals from water that makes it dull. It is more reliable than other products of the same promises because it is tested and being used by people over the years.

Their doors and glasses have been coated with Shower guard, and their reviews were the same even after years. It just proves that a Shower guard increases the lifespan of your glasses, a lot more than regular glasses, and better than other coatings. Other products that needed to be a coat on your glasses need regular maintenance and care to be coated occasionally. Their reviews are mixed because they do work well. They work as good as Shower guard, but not for so long and not so durable.

They come with an expiry date. The shower guard comes with an expiry date, too, of course, but it is a lot later than all the other products of similar attributes. It doesn’t even need regular maintenance and re-application of the coating. It would help if you coated it on your glasses one time, and it is permanent. If you want it to go, it goes only with your glass. That means you cannot rub it off either. Once put, it remains.


There is not much you need to do. But of course, you can’t control yourself from cleaning the glass, do you? If you ever felt like helping the Shower guard, in case, do clean the glass occasionally. The reviews of long-time users claim that you do not even need to do that either; it is psychological or for yourself if you wanted to clean them.

But if you did choose to clean it occasionally, make sure you clean with a soft cloth. Not because the coating rubs off, but because you might end up damaging your glass using stiff fabric and applying a lot of pressure on it. A shower guard does not prevent you from breaking it, so be gentle while you are at it.

Also, do not use acidic solutions to clean the glass; you already have a solution on the glass. Please do not be so harsh and disloyal to it. Just let it do its work and be sure to clean the glass only with water. It is also advised not to use any sharp objects or razors to scratch anything off the glasses. The shower guard, unfortunately, is not scratch-proof. You cannot rub it off, but you sure can scratch it off by scratching your glass off.


Shower Guard Review

Shower guard is easy to install, and all you need to know is which side to apply! The labeled side should not face the interior side of the glass, and yes, it should be coated on the interior side; I mean, that is the entire purpose. After the installation, it might need some time to apply the cure.

You are advised not to touch it or use it for a couple of hours until you do not see them anymore. Yes, it is hard to spot if your glass has a Shower guard or not. You can only help yourself through the labels. They are so transparent and being a single-layered barrier, and they are almost invisible.

And in fact, the Shower guard is mostly beamed to the glass, leaving it permanent while manufacturing of the glasses. You better choose to buy glasses with a Shower guard for it is already there. Or you can purchase just a coating that can be sprayed and brushed over your glasses.


No matter how hard and unbelievable it is, the Shower guard’s only downside is its price. But you can avoid it because it is worth it. Its con is not a con, because it might disappoint you and make you think about its worthiness, but it is worth it! Not just this, but any Shower guard reviews on the internet will tell you the same thing that its only con being the price.

But if you check the number of similar products, you can compare, and of course, Shower guard is pricier than most of them, but by 5-8% only. I don’t think 5-8% should worry you and make you neglect it. The other con, which is also actually a pro, is that it is permanent.

Being permanent is good, but what if you suddenly wanted to scratch it off? You will only create scratches and damage your glass. But of course, you will never feel doing so, because unlike other products that are cheaper by 5-8% that will not keep up their promises, Shower guard works!

The Big Save!

It might appear ironic when I say it is a big save to buy a Shower guard because all the reviews complain about its price. But it sure is a big save. Usually, people who live in a place where the water is hard would have to face many problems. Because of the minerals in hard water, the tiles get corrupted, the ceramics need cleaning frequently.

Hard water leaves stains and sometimes very tiny spots that will not go away. It is not uncommon for people to invest in water softeners or filters that filter all the corroding minerals. But instead of spending on water softeners and filters occasionally, you can use a Shower guard.

That is precisely the reason why people look out for coatings that prevent their glasses from corroding rather than expensive water softeners. But if you have had a chance to have a permanent solution for this hard water problem and it is a little bit expensive than other temporary solutions, and is a lot less than water softeners, would you not choose to take it?


No matter what other perspectives think about the Shower guard, what they write about it, all the reviews that are present on the internet have one thing common about Shower guard: the conclusion. The way all the other approaches conclude the same thing about Shower guard that it is worth it!

Everyone tells you how it is pricey, but yes, it is worth all the amount of money you put into it. The only thing you need to make sure is the authenticity of the dealer. Shower guard has gained so much popularity that local dealers are using fake labels for cheap quality coating and selling them over to make more cash.

The product is genuine, but you need to be sure to purchase it with the right dealer. The website of Shower guard has locations and lists of their dealers where you can get hold of genuine Shower guard. Get them and let your glasses shine through the waves of hard water and soapy scum!

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