June 2020 Preliminary Data

The following data are from our knowledge sharing week June 1-5 2020 where we shared preliminary data from the first two weeks of respondents (870 Canadians). These data are currently unpublished and subject to change.  More demographic information can be found within the infographics below.

Stress & Resilience

At least 1 in 4 Canadians are reporting increased anxiety. And 1 in 5 report increased symptoms of depression, with 3 out of 4 individuals attributing their symptoms to COVID-19. 


85% feel emotionally socially supported. 

We currently need better representation of men, and those living in Quebec and other Eastern provinces.

How Are We Coping?

3 in 5 are connecting virtually with loved ones a few times a week, as well as exercising regularly. 1 in 5 have accessed mental health resources. Over 2 in 5 have used drugs or alcohol to cope.


Impact on Medically Vulnerable

As per http://canada.ca guidelines, 1 in 4 are high risk for COVID-19. Among medically vulnerable, 1 in 2 report elevated stress and 1 in 4 report anxiety. 2 in 5 report impacted access to health care.

Essential Workers

Essential service workers and frontline workers have unique challenges that we need to support. 65% feel greater stress at work and greater than 1/10 have thought about resigning because of COVID-19.


Gender & Health

Early gender data reveal different trends among gender groups, likely associated with unique challenges for various groups. However, we need more gender diversity in our sample.


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