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Qualitybath.com Review – Everything You Need to Know

If you are thinking of redecorating your bathroom or kitchen and you are looking for hardware from the qualitybath.com website, but you are not sure if that website will be great for buying hardware or not, then do not worry, we got you covered.

Today, we are going to be talking about some of the user’s reviews. Some so many people have used qualitybath.com for ordering hardware for their kitchen or bathroom, such as kitchen sink and bathtub, and most of them were very happy with their products that they ordered from this website, and they were very much satisfied with their customer service.

And if the customer service is excellent, it makes the company more significant. If customers stay happy, the company stays happy. And the qualtiybath.com has provided that. So, kudos to that!!!

The qualitybath.com website was founded only so that they can provide people to shop on the internet for their dream bathroom and kitchen, and they are still able to get the personal showroom experience. This is what makes this website unique.

Their only motive is to look for their customers. The Quality bath was founded in 2001. Quality bath has genuinely combined the best of both worlds, and the outcome of it is a perfect experience for homeowners, designers, and contractors.

The quality bath did great with this website. They have created a whole new experience for the people. And it is especially significant if you are someone who does not like to go out and to shop but rather stay at home and shop. This saves time too.

This website will be great for you if you are someone who does not like to spend a lot of time shopping. And the bonus is that you can use this website and order from anywhere, which I think is fantastic.

What is Qualitybath.com?


Quality bath (qualitybath.com) is a store that is very well known for its kitchen and bathroom fixture, and it competes against other kitchen and bathroom fixtures stores like the Tushy, Kohler, Delta Faucet, Moen, and Vintage Tub and Bath.

When the quality bath as compared to its competitors, the quality bath aced it, and that is the reason why quality bath ranks one of the best or top-performing brands in the category of kitchen and bathroom fixture stores.

When you go to look for the reviews of the quality bath, you will find that they have more positive reviews than negative reviews, which only proves that the quality is excellent at what it does.

Quality bath ranks at no. 9 out of the 309 total brands. Numbers do not lie. And if it does not tell you how good a quality bath is, then we do not know what will, and if you do not trust us, you can always go and check out the reviews yourselves.


Strength of Qualitybath.com

Some of the strengths of the quality bath are:

  • It provides a good product guarantee
  • It provides you with excellent customer service
  • It offers contact information availability
  • It offers affiliate programs
  • It offers social media presence

Quality bath Product Guarantee

Now, some of you might be having questions about the product guarantee of quality bath products like does the quality bath’s warranty covers up the consequential damages? Does the quality bath’s warranty have any limitations or conditions? Does the warranty of quality bath last at least three years?  And does the quality bath’s warranty offer accidental coverage?

And if the product that you ordered from the quality bath and the product that is delivered to you is damaged, even if it’s the manufacturer’s fault, you should not worry about that because you can quickly return that product and ask for a new one.

But, keep in mind once the quality bath product is installed in your home, then it cannot be returned or replaced under any circumstance. So, it will be better that you take a perfect look at the product before getting it installed in your home.

One of the customers quoted saying during the review:

“We ordered the Rohl Shaws farm sink. It was delivered within three days. Upon arrival, we realized the logo on the sink was a bit blurry and repainted over. We reached out to the team, and they were able to replace it for us right before we installed our countertop with a new replacement. We are delighted with our purchase and their customer service. Highly recommended.”

Quality Bath Customer Service

When it comes to customer services, quality bath nailed it. The customer services provided by the quality bath are good. You do not have to wait that long to talk to the customer care representative of the quality bath. The customer representatives of the quality bath are polite and courteous with their customers.

Customer services are one of the reasons that the quality bath ranks so good, and this is one of the reasons it is better than its competitors. Quality bath not only makes their customers happy with their products but also with their customer services.

Customer services play an essential role in getting to know the company. If the customer service is not right, the customer will most likely be happy with the company, and it might change their opinion of buying any product from that company. And no going to lie but, the quality bath did a great job in their customer services.

One of the customers of quality bath quoted saying.

“Where do I begin? I looked everywhere for stylish 28” wide vanities for my small-bath remodel and almost gave up until somehow the right search term brought me to a QB Vanity (by Perlatto) … I kept browsing and found unique Graff fixtures to pair with it.

I was so impressed by the website, which also informed me that each order is carefully reviewed for compatibility amount the chosen products that I knew I had to go this route! And let me tell you how outstanding Avi is!!! He was more responsive and informative about fixtures than the contractors I am paying an arm and a leg for!

I honestly had an unprecedented customer service experience with Avi. My products have not arrived yet, I knew to expect this, but I am so excited to get them when they arrive, and I know I am in good hands with this company. I’ll be using them for my other two bathroom remodels when the time comes!”

When it comes to customer service, you should not worry about that because quality bath customer service is excellent. It seems like a quality bath knows how to make their customers happy. And they are doing an excellent job in that.

Quality Bath Contact Information Availability

In case you all are wondering, how do you contact a quality bath? What is the quality bath’s phone number or email address? And does the quality bath have a contact us page or customer service? Then, let me put an end to your wondering the answer to all that is a big YES!!

There are lots of ways you can contact a quality bath. You can contact them via their customer service contact page, or you can even contact them through their social media pages. And some of those social media pages provide a contact or messaging us button, which you can use to send your message directly to the company.

  • Quality Bath Customer Care Number: 554.3210
  • Quality Bath Customer Care Email: 
  • You can also contact Quality bath support with their help desk.

Quality Bath Affiliate Programs

Now, some of you may be thinking if the quality bath runs a referral program or affiliate program? Does the quality bath have a direct affiliate program? And does quality bath have referral payments or quality bath commissions?  And to answer that fundamental question is yes.

Yes, a quality bath does have an affiliate or referral program. And when you use their affiliate or referral program, you can earn yourself commissions by referring new customers via the quality bath website. Skimlinks, Viglink, ShareASale, Awin (affiliate window), FlexOffers, Commission Junction (CJ Conversant), Rakuten Marketing (Linkshare), Pepperjam, Impact Radius (Impact.com), Avantlink.com, Webgains, Direct are some of the popular affiliate networks where you can join the quality bath affiliate programs.

You can also check out the quality bath’s homepage to see if they have posted any updated information about their referral or affiliate programs.

Quality Bath Social Media Presence

Most of you must be having thoughts if Qualitybath.com has a Facebook page? Where can you find quality bath’s social media pages? And if quality baths are on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Snapchat? Quality bath is on all the social media pages.

They are very much active on their social media pages. And if you want, you can check out their homepage to know about their links to their social media pages.

Quality Bath Discount Policies

Quality bath supports discounts for different customers, such as seniors, teachers, and military veterans. They do not offer any military veteran discounts. And quality may or may not provide special pricing or special discounts as a matter of their store policy.

And when checked, the quality bath did not provide any special discount or any special pricing, which sucks very much, and quality bath should investigate it.

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