Rior’s Story

This beautiful girl was brought into Winnipeg from Peguis First Nation, where she had been living at the dump site and had become so feral she would not allow anyone to approach her. She had at least two litters during her time at the dump and early in 2018, an attempt to catch her was finally successful thanks to a live trap! She had three puppies with her who had survived and they were brought into rescue with their mom, who was later named Rior.

Rior was brought into care with her remaining puppies who had managed to survive with her at the dump site during the harsh winter season.

Unfortunately, Rior had an embedded collar in her neck which was extremely infected – the collar had been there quite some time as it was several sizes too small for her adult neck, and it is quite likely that the collar was placed on her as a puppy and when she was abandoned or ran away, the collar was never adjusted as she continued to grow into adulthood. Rior was brought into Treherne and straight to Zettler Veterinary Services, where she was treated by the fantastic Dr. Rebecca Zettler.

After being treated, Rior went home into Winnipeg with Save A Dog Network Canada’s President & Founder, Katie Powell. The next three weeks were spent healing her neck injury and slowly becoming used to her new environment – when she came into foster it was clear that Rior was an emotionally fragile dog due to her past suffering. However, with love, care and attention, after that first month in her new foster home Rior began coming out of her shell and began accepting head scratches and was wagging her tail.

Over the next few months, Rior would continue to flourish and came into herself! She has since become one of the sweetest dogs in Katie’s household pack, and she has spent her time healing, learning to love and trust again and having a blast playing with her multiple step-siblings!

Rior’s neck wound was treated with medication clinical and herbal – raw honey from Faith Apiaries assisted wonderfully in her healing process.

During Rior’s time with her foster mom, her puppies were beginning new adventures of their own! We are pleased to announce that all of Rior’s little angels have been adopted! A huge thanks goes out to our friends and partners in rescue at The Animal Guardian Society for taking receiving these puppies into care.

Watching Rior transform into a happy, healthy and playful dog makes our hearts glow here at SADN – watching her transformation reaffirms our belief that with proper resources, awareness and love from one living being to another, once forgotten dogs like Rior can be given a chance at a better life.

In addition to spending time frolicking through the backyard field at her foster home, alongside her step-family, Rior has been spoiled with visits to The Dog Loft! She simply loves it there and is great with the other dogs and adores people – she has become a true gentle giant who has so much love and loyalty to offer. Life has definitely turned upward for this sweet girl!

On May 9th, 2018, Rior is bursting with delight as she plays with other guests at one of her favourite places, The Dog Loft. Look at that smile!

In late spring of 2018, it can finally be said with confidence that Rior has fully healed from her severe neck injury and has made a complete recovery from her past traumas – she is ready to find her forever family, and has been transferred into the care of Winnipeg Giant Breed Rescue to narrow the search for her perfect fit!

In July of 2018, Rior (now named River) enjoys spending quality outdoor time with her foster parents and fur siblings!

We are so thankful to everyone who has been involved with Rior’s rescue and recovery and wish this lovely girl a fantastic life – SADN is honored to have been part of your journey home.

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