Samsung Refrigerators Needs to be Reset After any Power Outage HELP!

Samsung Refrigerators Not Cooling? Here’s What to Do

With about 100 fridge models, Samsung offers one of the most innovative refrigerators, which earned them a prominent spot in the market. They manufacture different kinds of fridges, including side by side, French door, and 4-door flex.

But every rose has its thorn, right? Samsung refrigerators are designed in such a way that they do not restart their own after a power outage. Many customers even complain about the Samsung fridge not cooling after a power outage.

A refrigerator, not cooling, can be extremely frustrating. Here is how it works. Fridges are designed to turn into ‘demo mode’ after a power outage of 10 minutes or more. Demo mode is a feature that is used in retail stores to demonstrate a refrigerator. While the motor and lights usually work, the compressor does not. It results in disabling the freezer, which in turn does not get cold.

Samsung Refrigerators

So, if you are on vacation or out of town for some work, all your food will be ruined. Moreover, a foul smell will occupy your house. Does this problem annoy you too? samsung fridge not cooling after a power outage is a popular complaint among customers. If you are one of them, this is just the right place for you!

First things first, let us understand its mechanism. All Samsung refrigerators come with a built-in self-diagnostic error recognition system. So as soon as your Samsung fridge senses a power outage, the display icons start blinking or flashing. It can even show an error code message on display. These signs indicate that it recognizes a problem within the system. You will see these messages in the same place where the fridge’s temperature is usually displayed.

The following error codes can be seen: 88 88, 83E, 85E, 86E, PC Er, OF OF, 1E, SE, and 5E. It can be disconcerting to see such numbers and letters flashing on display. But you should not worry. This is just a way of your refrigerator to inform you that something is wrong. Out of these, 1E, SE, or 5E are due to power outage.

Solving this is very simple. Press the power save and lighting button for 10 seconds together, and the error message will vanish. Another way could be to press the fridge and freezer buttons simultaneously to reset the control panel.

Still, if your Samsung fridge is not cooling after a power outage, there are few things you need to check-

  • Ensure the refrigerator is turned ON.
  • Examine the cord and plug, as there can be an electric short circuit.
  • Check if any part of the refrigerator is at fault.
  • Inspect the main refrigerator circuit breaker.
  • Or wait. The fridge may need some time to start cooling.

A Power Outage Can Cause Many Issues, some of them are listed below:

A power outage has turned the fridge OFF

This is a Control Panel issue. The refrigerator has ON-OFF buttons located at the control panel. For fridges without the control panel, an ON-OFF switch is located inside them. Next, go to the display panel where the freezer controls are situated. There are chances that the cooling mode turned itself OFF. Turn it ON, and you are good to go.

A Power Outage Can Result in Electrical Damage

A Power Outage Can Result in Electrical Damage

A Samsung fridge not cooling after a power outage can be due to electrical damage. Check the refrigerator power cord. Move it slowly and check if the cord or plug is damaged. It may need to be replaced if a power shortage occurred.

Power Outage made the Circuit Breaker Trip

The breaker box is outside the refrigerator. Make sure the breaker is flipped towards the ON position. The circuit breaker usually gets tripped after the power outage for safety reasons.

The Refrigerator Outlet May Trip

The Refrigerator Outlet May Trip

Some outlets possess a reset switch that may trip during a power outage for safety. Check the refrigerator and press the GFCI reset button. If these buttons trips, the outlet will not get power, and eventually, the fridge would not cool.

Fridge not Cooling Even When the Lights are on?

If the electrical power has just been restored and the refrigerator is working fine, there may be nothing wrong, and the machine needs some time. Wait for at least 15 minutes for the fridge to start cooling again.

A Component/unit of the Fridge May have Failed

A Samsung fridge not cooling after a power outage can happen because of a failed component. Thus, if you have tried everything stated above and your fridge still does not cold, there may be a faulty part (due to a power outage). If you find a feature not working, replace it.

Ice Maker Stopped Working after the Power Outage.

Ice Maker Stopped Working after the Power Outage

Sometimes, after an extended power outage, the freezer may abruptly stop making ice cubes or dispensing ice even if the rest of the fridge is working well. A failed ice maker can also accompany a Samsung fridge, not cooling after a power outage. To solve it, check for an arm-like switch inside the fridge that switches the freezer ON and OFF.

Ensure that it is in the ‘down’ position to make ice. If the problem is still not solved, there can be other issues. One of them can be related to temperature. The freezer requires a specific temperature to produce ice inside the fridge. A temperature of 10-degree F is needed. Check the freezer temperature dial. Also, give the freezer at least 24-48 hours to cool down after restoration of the power. Another reason could be a frozen piece of ice in the waterline.

Remove the ice maker and look for a jam that is caused by a chunk of ice. Do you see anything that is blocking it? If yes, remove the ice blockage. Now check the tip of the waterline and see if a piece of ice is blocking it. You can use a pointed object to clear the line. Keep the food stored in your refrigerator safe while your Samsung fridge not cooling after a power outage

A power outage can be worrying, unusually, when your Samsung fridge does not get cold even after the power is restored. You can ensure the safety of your food while you solve this problem through some simple tips:

Here Are Some Tips to Follow to Ensure the Safety of your Food

Keep an appliance thermometer inside the refrigerator

There is an ideal temperature that must be maintained inside the fridge and the freezer. Usually, it is below 40-degrees F and at or below 0-degree F for the refrigerator and freezer, respectively. Keeping a thermometer inside will help you track the temperature and know when it reaches an unsafe point.

Keep refrigerator doors shut during and after a power outage


A closed fridge can stay cold for four hours without any power. Moreover, a fast freezer can maintain its temperature for 24 hours (half full) and 48 hours (total).

When expecting a power outage, group the frozen food together and transfer food to the freezer-

Leftover food items and milk should be transferred to the freezer to keep it safe and cold for a more extended period. A Samsung fridge not cooling after a power outage can result in ruining your food, which can be prevented by grouping all the frozen food together.

Keep a stock of extra ice bags

Ice bags can be used to keep in the fridge if it does not refresh after a power outage to maintain its temperature. You can also keep bottles of water inside your freezer. They will act as ice bags and help in keeping frozen food cold longer.

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