Amaravati a real estate plot, alleges YSRCP

Even if Amaravati was not a disaster for environmental reasons, the plan to kill a fertile multi-crop land to construct a concrete jungle was criminal. But Chandrababu Naidu was convinced his decision to locate the capital for Andhra Pradesh in Amaravati made perfect sense.

On Tuesday, the YSRCP government tore into the manner in which Naidu decided on Amaravati. 

“By taking the opinion of 1400 people over telephone and terming it as a majority, the capital city was decided as Amaravati. The capital plan was actually a real estate plan,” revealed B Rajendranath, Finance minister. 
Rajendranath alleged that 4070 acres was cornered by Telugu Desam leaders and their relatives through insider trading in and around Amaravati. These included, according to the government, 14 acres for Heritage Foods (owned by Naidu’s family), 55 acres for P Narayana (municipal administration minister in Naidu cabinet) and 15 acres for P Keshav, TDP leader. 

What Jaganmohan Reddy’s announcement in the Assembly does now is to completely kill the Amaravati dream. A drive through the capital region – call it village, town or city – will tell you that there is no work happening on Naidu’s dream project for six months now. The road leading to the Secretariat and Assembly complex from Vijayawada is narrow in parts, hardly befitting a state capital. 

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