Divide in Mega family over Andhra’s three capitals

At a time when his younger brother Pawan Kalyan has criticised Jaganmohan Reddy’s proposal to establish the administrative capital in Visakhapatnam, Legislative capital in Amaravati and Judicial capital in Kurnool, Chiranjeevi has taken a diametrically opposite position. The former Union minister has supported the proposal saying decentralisation is important for development. The two-page statement will embarrass the Jana Sena, where both Pawan and another brother Nagababu are prominent leaders. 

In a statement, Chiranjeevi said, “From the year 1956, the development and administration was centralized at Hyderabad and as a result in 2014, people of Andhra left Hyderabad with bare hands. This is history and it cannot be ignored. Keeping this in mind, one should not repeat the same mistake. The state of AP is currently in Rs 3 lakh crore debt and for the new capital, we need another Rs one lakh crore. If such huge money is being spent on capital at one place, what about rest of the regions like Uttarandhra and Rayalaseema?”

But at the same time, Chiranjeevi wanted the YSRCP government to assuage the grievances of the farmers who had given 33000 acres in Amaravati as part of a land pooling arrangement to the Capital Region Development Authority.

“By making three regions as capital, unemployed will have many opportunities. Simultaneously it is the responsibility of the state government to clear the myths and fears of Amaravati farmers and make them believe that three capitals is a beneficial thing,” said the Megastar.

This will not be music to Pawan’s ears because he accused of the GN Rao committee of creating panic among Amaravati. Also this is the second time Chiranjeevi is seen as reaching out to Jagan who in the recent past has passed remarks about Pawan’s personal life. Chiranjeevi along with his wife, had gone to the CM’s residence in Tadepalli to invite him to a screening of Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy. However, Jagan is yet to see the movie.  

There is considerable speculation over why Chiranjeevi has gone public with his approval of the three capital plan, given that when he was in the Congress party, Jagan was anathema. There is more than what meets the eye, is what most believe.

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