pawan kalyan

Pawan Kalyan’s Different Strokes on Budget 

Pawan Kalyan is a changed man, going by his reaction to the Union budget. Honestly following the alliance dharma, the Jana Sena leader praised every aspect of the budget presented by Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman and called her proposals on the farm sector a big boost to agriculture in India. 

“The funds allocated for production and infrastructure sectors will ensure more job opportunities for youth who are waiting for a chance. Seven slabs for Income Tax will give relief to the concerned sections,” Pawan added. 
But Pawan could not have ignored the fact that the budget had next to nothing for Andhra Pradesh. But instead of blaming the BJP government at the Centre for ignoring the state, Pawan criticised the Jaganmohan Reddy government for failing “to bring funds to the state”. 

“Rather than concentrating on acquiring required funds to the state, the YCP government put more efforts on demolitions, abolitions, shifting of the capital city and throwing abusive remarks on opponents,” he said. 
Pawan’s position is that the BJP government is not to be faulted for not allocating funds to Andhra Pradesh, it is the Jagan government’s “failure in getting funds to the state in the Budget”. 

This perspective from anyone else would have been ignored had it been anyone else. But the same Pawan Kalyan had taken on the might of the BJP government by referring to the Special Package announced by the Centre in lieu of the Special Category Status as “stale laddoos”. Besides his line of praising the Centre when it does not allocate any funds to Andhra Pradesh but criticising the CM for the same reason, defies logic. 

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