Andhra Pradesh

Nellore MLA violates lockdown code, gets booked

At 48 Corona positive cases so far, Nellore stands at third position among 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh. Which is why observing rules of the lockdown and social distancing are so important. 

But who is to tell that to senior leader N Prasanna Kumar Reddy who violated every rule in the Covid19 rulebook while hosting a ration distribution programme for 4500 people of his Kovur constituency. A look at the pictures will show you violation of social distancing norms. That this happened in a district that has seen a high incidence of cases, was a recipe for disaster. That this happened in the presence of police officers was even more shocking. 

The top brass of the district police woke up to it finally and the Nellore SP ordered that a case be filed against Reddy for violation of the lockdown code. Disciplinary action was also initiated against the police personnel for dereliction of duty. That led to Reddy protesting by squatting on the ground at the police station for over three hours and justifying his action by saying he was helping the needy. He threatened to quit politics if any action was taken against his followers or the cops on duty at the event. 

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