Masks in Telangana take the Pochampally Ikkat route

If you step out without a mask in Telangana, you can be fined Rs 1000. So why not walk the extra mile and ensure the mask you wear actually makes a fashion statement.

The masks in Telangana are going traditional and weaver-friendly. The Telangana State Handloom Weavers Cooperative Society Limited has placed an order for 5 lakh masks. Three lakh of these will be up for sale while two lakh will be given away free of cost as part of CSR activity. 

“Close to 400 weavers are involved in preparing these masks,” says J Kalinga Reddy, Divisional Marketing Officer of the Cooperative Society. “We are engaged them in units in and around Hyderabad so that it is easy to procure them and transport them to our outlet in Nampally and BHEL areas.”

Work on the masks that come in attractive colours, for those who wish to ensure they match with their attire, began on 27 April. So far 2 lakh of the work order has been delivered, of which 1.5 lakh were distributed free. Of the 50000 masks that were stocked at the showroom, 20000 have been sold so far. 

The masks come in three varieties depending on the nature of the fabric used. The cheapest is the Rs 20 mask that is stitched using terricotton on powerloom. The Rs 25 variety uses printed cloth while the premium mask that costs Rs 40 uses Pochampally Ikkat/ kalamkari fabric. All the three masks are double layer masks. 

Airtel’s Communications Head (South), Sunitha Simon, a handloom enthusiast, with the Ikkat mask

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