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Pill Splitting

The same ploy of replacing two prescription tablets for one to save money can also be utilized in the opposite direction with certain prescription drug medications. Instead of consolidation two tablets into one to save money, you slit a single tablet into two.

Most prescription drug manufacturers charge the same price per tablet regardless of what the strength of the tablet is for the same medication. That means that a 50 mg tablet and a 100mg tablet of the same medication will in most cases cost the same amount. A stronger dosage doesn't necessarily result in a costlier tablet.

Since the the tablets cost the same no matter the dosage, for some prescription medications you can "tablet split" the drug to save money. For example, if you need a prescription medication of 50 mg, you can purchase the same prescription medication in 100 mg tablets and then split the tablets in half. This will give you the same 50 mg of prescription medication you need for half the price.

Be sure to consult with your doctor before doing any tablet splitting on your own. Your doctor will be able to tell you if pill splitting as to is a viable option for the prescription medication you're taking. Tablet splitting can be extremely dangerous with certain medications while a perfectly acceptable way to save money with others.


Disclaimer: The information found on this site is for informational purposes only and none of it should be considered medical advice in any way, shape or form. Please take the time to discuss all the information with a medical professional to confirm if any information which you have interest in is appropriate for your specific circumstances before acting upon it.

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