Author: Orlando Payne

Orlando Payne

Orlando Payne is a renowned advocate for sustainable living who has graduated from the New York School of Interior Design with a major in Industrial Design. His professional journey includes over 15 years of experience in eco-friendly design, working with startups and established companies to create sustainable products. He has been instrumental in providing insights into sustainable practices and innovations. Outside of his professional life, he loves cycling and volunteering in community-based environmental conservation programs, showcasing his dedication to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Sometimes, he does urban gardening and participates in local green initiatives.

Are you planning to have your basement house-bar party and looking for modern basement bar ideas? Do you also love to spend time with your friends at the bar but no longer at the bar shops? If the answer is yes, then you must have your house bar built in your basement. Now that you want to build a basement bar in your house, are you out of ideas? When it comes to bars, we often think of new and unique setups, and some of us also think of subtle ones. We have all the options for your different choices,…

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