Author: Scarlett Foster

Scarlett Foster

With a deep appreciation for understated elegance and cultural richness, Scarlett Foster holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture from the University of Idaho. Her 22-year career has been dedicated to creating serene and lively interiors, blending Scandinavian simplicity with Bohemian vibrancy. Since joining our website in 2021, she has provided insights into achieving a balance of form and function in interior design. She frequently participates in community programs to educate others about crafting and creating their own spaces in the best possible manner.

A fireplace mantel is a special part of your home. It’s both useful and looks nice. But when you put one in, you must consider how high it should be, especially if your ceiling is 9 feet tall. We’ll talk about How High Should Your Mantel Be for a 9 ft Ceiling? A fireplace mantel is similar to the heart of a room. It goes around the fireplace and lets you show your style. If your room has a 9-foot ceiling, you need to pick the right height for the mantel so it looks good. If it’s too high, it…

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Getting a beautiful modern shiplap fireplace idea installed in your house can be a life changer for you. Be it a small house or a big one, you can have one for any one of your rooms. It is a versatile yet casual piece that can be installed in any house to make it look even better. Most people go for a modern white shiplap fireplace as it looks traditional and classic. It works perfectly for any house, be it a traditional one or a modern one. You can also play with wall colors of shiplap, black, brown, and grey.…

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